Monday, July 9, 2012

MACP For Teachers in KVS

Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan has adopted Modified Assured career Progression scheme(MACP) for the Non Academic(Non-teaching) group B&C employees of KVS at par with the central govt. employees as per the recommendation of the 6th Pay commission, vide MemorandumF.11029-16/2009-KVSHQ(Admn-1)-168 dated 9th February 2011, after getting the approval from the Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India. But the Teachers of KVS have been denied on the “Technical ground” that ACP scheme was not implemented to teachers of KVS.

It is true that Govt. of India recommended MACP only for the employees covered under ACP scheme. Delhi Administration Schools were already implemented ACP scheme for teacher’s long back and now they are enjoying the benefit of MACP too. The ACP scheme was introduced as per the Fifth pay commissions’ recommendation to the Non-teaching staff of KVS in lieu of senior scale and selection scale granted to teachers.

KVS has conveniently forgotten that Teachers were granted the three tier pay scale- basic scale, Senior Scale and Selection Scale and teaching allowance of Rs.100 p.m as per the Fourth pay commission’s recommendation along with the recommendation of DP.Chattopadhaya Commission in 1986 in lieu of promotions. Fifth pay commission had also recommended to continue the grant Senior scale and selection scale as it was granted by the Fourth Pay commission since teachers were not getting any promotion within a period of 12 years of service in the basic scale. Unfortunately the Fifth pay Commission had recommended to withdraw the Teaching allowance for teachers and to enhance the allowance of teaching allowance of Rs.150 p.m. to principals and the principals were drawing the same till 2006. Some teachers continue to remain for 18 to 20 years without any promotion. These pay scales were granted to teachers to address the lack of promotional avenues of the teachers of KVS.

Further, Fifth pay commission had suggested to modify the residency period for granting the above pay scales of teachers while submitting their recommendations. Unfortunately Govt.Of India did not take any decision on this recommendation and kept their suggestion in the cold storage for ten years.

KVS has introduced ACP scheme to Non teaching in lieu of Senior scale and Selection scale granted to Teachers of KVS at par with the central govt.employees as they were not getting any three tier scale while teachers were enjoying a little bit. The author got only Rs.10 when the senior scale was granted after 12 years, but some teachers got nothing as they were drawing the same pay. There was some difference between ACP granted to Non-teaching staff and Senior/Selection Scale given to teachers. Both Schemes have the residency period same. Those teachers who are 12 years of service in the basic scale will get Senior scale and those who are 12 years of service in the senior scale will get Selection scale subject to certain, only 20% of post of senior scale was only converted to selection scale and higher qualifications should be obtained in the same subject. Later, KVs had changed certain provisions for granting Selection scale. But Selection scale was not granted automatically. Members of Non-teaching staff were getting fixation benefit under FR22c. (one increment) and ACPs were granted automatically provided there is no adverse entry in the ACR. But this fixation benefit was denied to the Teachers despite requests and representations.

Nobody was concerned for the teachers of this pace setting institution and instrumental in bringing as ‘No.1 Educational brand’ of this country. Moreover, Teachers have to undergo 21 days compulsory in-service course and to obtain higher qualification earmarked for the next promoted post for getting selection scale. For getting senior scale, no additional qualification was necessary as per the order. What an irony is!

Therefore, ACP to Non teaching staff and selection scale/Senior scale to teachers were different in its nature. Both can not be equated identically. When one increment was granted under ACP, no increment was granted to senior scale holders, only pay is raised to next stage in the pay scale.

KVS/HRD, Govt.of India can pass a simple order that teachers of KVS are also brought under MACP at par with the Non-teaching staff of KVS instead of senior and selection scale for teacher’s .There is no home work required to pass such an order when the entire central govt. employees and employees of autonomous were granted MACP. Teachers are at a great loss if the MACP is not granted to them.

After 10 years of service, teachers will get next grade pay and a fixation increment, after 20 years they will get next grade pay and another fixation increment and after 30 years they will get next Grade pay and another fixation increment. (10+10+10). Even teachers in Kerala state are getting for 8 years service one grade. There are certain classes of teachers who can not dream of a promotion in their career in KVS. — TGT(Phy),TGT(WET), Music teachers, Yoga, TGT(Drawing), Librarian, Sanskrit TGTs, TGTs without PG Qualifications. Etc- may not get a promotion normally in KVS. Therefore, Teachers are unhappy, dejected, discontented with this step-motherly attitude of govt. by sanctioning MACP to one section of the employees.

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